ZoidFans Limited Edition Berzerk Fuhrer!!!

She's a beauty, no? As many of you know, we have a mailing group of worldwide Zoid fans that share a passion for these little mechanical beasts that Tomy has produced. We found a guy in Taiwan that does some amazing aftermarket plating on Zoids. Many of us in ZoidFans decided we wanted to order a custom run. We held a poll and the majority picked Berzerk Fuhrer as the subject. Afterwards, we held another poll to determine which of the several available chrome colors we wanted it to be plated in. The group was split, so we ended up doing a run of black with silver chrome blades and feet as shown above (18 units total) and another run of light blue with silver blades and feet (10 units total). I ordered both of them, so I'll post the blue one once I get it built. The black one is very impressive looking, the pic doesn't do it complete justice. Only the armor was plated, we didn't plate any of the dark grey parts underneath, so the movements were unaffected by the plating.

Even more limited- Cannon Tortoise!!

I was so impressed with the other custom plated Zoids that I ordered a special run of Cannon Tortoises myself. I had to place a minimum order of 5, so 5 is all of these that exist in the world! These are plated in black with light blue chrome head, feet and weapons. I've got one on eBay now, it'll be interesting to see how much it fetches.

Another special order- Redler!

Thanks to my friend Jeroen in the Netherlands for this awesome plated Redler! It's looking good in silver and light blue plating!!