Red Scavenger!

This is the European release of Gustav and is quite a sporty color combination. The European red and silver colors look particularly nice here and the dark grey decks of the trailers are just right for displaying smaller red Zoids.

I bought this particular Zoid as you see it, I haven't so much as cleaned it. The decals were applied fairly well and it's been taken care of over the years.

Red Scav rolls along on wheels as do the trailers. The big dish antenna spins in circles and the antennae on the head move up and down. The shell segments contract and expand  as it rolls.

* Tarantulon and Zark: "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Red Scav: "no. no. NO!!! for the millionth time NO!!!! YEEEESSSH!!! One more word and I'll unhook the trailer hitch and leave you here GOT ME??!!!"

Tarantulon: "Uhhh...I gotta go to the bathroom..."

Zark: "I'm hungry. Can we stop at the next restaurant?"

Red Scav: "lousyfragginrottenSOBsgonnakillemallgonnakillemall...yeah..hee hee hee..." *

*Caption courtesy of Ern on the ZoidFans group ;^P

Length- 8.5" (Red Scav) 5" (each trailer)

Height- 5.5"

Power- 2 x AA

Crew- one