This is one of the recent Zoid issues. The production color combo was a little lackluster, so I did some paint work to spruce it up. The legs and vents were molded in silver, I painted them black. The yellow feet and stinger were also originally molded in silver. I also did some drybrushing work to give it a weathered, battle-worn appearance. It's hard to see in the photo, but there's also some silver paint on the wear edges of the feet that gives the appearance of the yellow paint wearing off exposing the shiny metal beneath.

The movement is another example of the ingenuity of the Tomy designers. The large coilspring motor moves the feet and also drives the wings up and down while the outer wing panels also move in and out. Amazing!

Length- 9 1/2"

Wingspan- 8"

Height- 3"

Power- large coilspring

Crew- one