Strange mysterious Robo Strux?!!!

I bought this little guy and built him, then posted a pic on the Zoids eGroup asking if anyone knew his name. He came with instructions, but no name was on the instructions either. He is similar to the Glidoler, but in different colors and with a different head. After several posts, it became clear that this Zoid is out of the ordinary, no one could identify it! I contacted the person that sold it to me and he sent this reply:

===Dear Tres, Quite right. These were a "Deluxe - Special Edition", from 1980 and I have the only ones I've ever seen. I think the color scheme is much cooler than the standard. Sincerely, Steve===

His ebay ad also said this:

== It is a special edition in special colors- that was never released==

So it's a mystery. My guess is that they were made for some kind of giveaway that never happened. In any event, it is a very cool little dude with an interesting color scheme and nice decals!

As for the assembly, it was a quick one-evening builder. I did a wash on the wings, painted some of the details and the cockpit, placed the labels and clearcoated the wings, feet and head. It has a chrome pilot, and I really love the orange gears which is the way it came (the gears were also orange on the original Glidoler). The action is really wacky, the big feet flip over and around in a walking motion as the wings flap up and down.  Way cute!

Length- 21/2"

Height- 3"

Power- small windup

Crew- one