Most pictures on my site are pictures of items in my own collection, but these Robostrux pages are the exception. There are no significant Robostrux resources on the 'net that I know of, so I cobbled this together from "borrowed" pics. These guys are nicely colored variations that were issued in America, they blow away the gag-me-with-a-spoon Techno Zoids American release that followed. OK, so some of the Technos aren't that bad, but the Robos are ALL cool!

To begin with, here is a list of known Robostrux issues followed by the original Zoid release name in parenthesis:

Badox (Iron Kong) Batlar (Geruder) Brox (Zatton) Brutox (Redhorn)
Chompz (Barrigator) Gordox (Gordos) Kreep (Molga) Legz (Tarantulon)
Rado (Puteras) Radox (Salamander) Reptex (Gator) Runna (Merda)
Sekta (Spiker) Slithor (Malder) Spartak (Godos) Stang (Guysack)
Stunra (Sinker) Terox (Gojulas) No name (Glidoler)

They basically stuck to the one color vs. another color concept that was used for the European Zoids (red vs. blue in Europe). Strangely enough, 2 versions of Robostrux boxes have surfaced. One version shows a picture of a Euro release Zoid on the front but apparently the actual Zoid was molded in the "normal" Robostrux earth toned colors as shown in the 2nd pic.

Version #1- red Euro Zoid pictured on front

Version #2- this molding color was included in both boxed versions

There are 3 pages with pics of the various Robostrux issues. To navigate to those pages, use the links in the framed menu to the left. The Robostrux are listed in alphabetical order.