Sea Panther is a real classic Zoid! Released with the 1st Japanese issues and never re-released in any form, it's rare and coveted by collectors. For good reason too, it's a wonderfully well-balanced Zoid with great looks and very cool movement. It is powered by the smallest windup motor size. It has 2 wheels under the shell that do the lion's share of propelling it forward while the legs move in a very realistic "scrabbling" way just like a real hermit crab (we have a pet hermit crab by the way, so I got to compare them firsthand!) There is a hatch on the top of the shell that slides open to expose a missile battery (the hatch is open in the top pic and closed in the bottom pic). The decals are also nice and include the skull you can see on the side of the shell in the pics!

Length- 4 3/4"

Height- 2 3/4"

Power- small windup

Crew- one