Storm Sworder!

All I can say is WOW! This is a new Zoid design, and it is awesome! All the problems I had with Gun Sniper are totally gone with this design, it has excellent detail and perfect sprue moldings. I liked the colors this was molded in very much, so I decided early on not to repaint it. Instead I clearcoated the parts, then did painstaking washes on each part before assembly. The engine nacelles, feet and guns are drybrushed silver and white which gives an age-worn effect. I also painted some of the details red for some extra "pop".

Once again the marvelous engineers at Tomy impress with the incredible array of movements they can come up with based on the simplest of motor drives. Sworder has a backback that houses the batteries and is detachable from the body. The legs propel it across the floor while the wings move up and down with the outer panels flapping at a different rate than the inner,(picture a seagull). Like the others, it is an absolute joy to watch.

Length- 6"

Wingspan- 16 1/2" (wowzer!)

Height- 7 1/2"

Power- 2 x AAA battery

Crew- one