Finally, a playmate for Pikazoid! Like Pikazoid, this started life as a Tomy white knob windup model of Pokemon's Venusaur. Most of the Zoid parts are modified pieces from a Stealth Viper. I carved out an opening in Venusaur's nose for the cockpit to begin with. I had to reverse the "leaves" to allow clearance for the cockpit and also provide a place to install the rear missile battery. The flower was notched to make way for the forward double-gun unit. An antenna was installed in the top of the flower to keep Venuzoid in contact with his warrior buddies.

The forward gun rotates and tilts up and down. The rearward missiles rotate. The cockpit shield is operable, and the windup walking motion works as well. As you might expect of Tomy, the walking mechanism is more complicated than it outwardly appears. The feet move, but the actual walking motion is by pins extending through the body to the surface below.

This is a closeup of the mindrider. I started using some water based acrylic paints that allow a much finer line than the oil based stuff I usually use. It's hard to see, but there are insignias painted on the shoulders and even eye pupils on the face. For some reason the pilots always look a little fuzzy in my pics, the detail is better than what you see here. The uniform is yellow with white drybrushed on. The gloves are tan with drybrushed highlights and the helmet is gloss white with brown details. I love that expression on Venuzoid's face, he's ready for some butt-kicking!

Length- 3 1/2"

Height- 2-1/2" (n/i antenna)

Power- small windup

Crew- one