The above picture is of the original issue Z-28, not the '95 reissue although they are very difficult to tell apart. The reissue has a 1995 date on the side of the box, and the box is just a hair larger than the original (there's a white border around the artwork on the box).

Below is another old lousy web cam pic, it's a reissue I built and painted a different color years ago. I normally wouldn't paint a Deal's Wheels' car because the molding colors are so nice, but I bought plenty of these when they were re-issued so played around with this one. It was cast in orange (like the original issue), I painted it gold metalflake. One of these days I'll replace all these old web cam pics on my site.

Zzzzzzzz-28 2007 rerelease!

Yes, believe it or not I have actually built another Deal's Wheels model after all these years! I wanted to keep it in the original molded colors and build it  mostly"stock". I did stick to that with the only mod's being detail painting and installing a couple of pseudo carbs under the scoop to make the motor appear a little bigger (more like the box art). Also, I've also never been able to figure out what the funky chrome "snake" thing is that goes from the hood to the motor on several of these kits, I'm sure you know the piece I'm referring to if you've built one. Assuming it's supposed to be a fuel line, I replaced it with a metal wire bent to shape and painted "Rubber". The motor was painted in buffable metalizers, the interior was painted flat black and then flocked,  the windshield was tinted by airbrushing Tamiya Smoke on the interior surface (thanks to Keith for the tip!), and the rest of the details were hand-painted with various gloss and flat enamels. Since I'm colorblind my loving wife helped me out with the flesh and hair colors for the driver, thanks hon!

Revell has rereleases the Z kit again, but this time they made a few changes. The box top has a banner along the bottom edge as do the two box ends. The top and ends do retain the Deal artwork, but with one small modification- the "Good Boot" text and playboy bunny have been removed! The "Good Boot" text is still on the tires in the kit though. The side panels are completely different, one panel has 3 pictures of a built-up model while the other has some misc. info in English, Spanish and French. Interestingly, there are notations on the box that it is licensed through Deal as well as through GM. There's also a notation that the kits are made in China!! Oh well, it was bound to happen. The kit plastic parts are the same color and configuration as previous release. One nice touch, the stripe decals are in black and white now instead of the previous black-only. The instructions retain the original Deal artwork and text, but some additional info has been added regarding painting; and some multi-lingual text has been added. According to Dave Deal, these new releases are limited to 3000 units each. They will likely disappear pretty quickly!