Dave Deal artwork

OK, the above isn't artwork, but I had to work it in somewhere because it's too cool not to share! This is a set of photo proofs for the Baja Humbug kit and the Baron kit, versions of these photos were used on the side panels of the final models. Here's a "hardcore fan" test, do you know which of the above were actually used? No fair looking at your boxes!

Below are links to various pieces of Dave Deal artwork, these are scans that were provided to me by the Big Deal himself! Very, very cool stuff! Enjoy, and be thankful (as I am) that Mr. Deal is so generous!

Cessna artwork (Added 04-15-07)

Mattel Wheeled Warriors artwork

NomadCamaro rendering (recent work)

Deal's Wheels Red Baron rendering

Deal's Wheels cartoon #1

Proposed diecast car sketches

Deal's Wheels Baron cartoon-part 1

Deal's Wheels plane renderings #1

Deal's Wheels plane renderings #2

Check out this cool story about the old Lions Drag Strip, accompanied by Deal artwork: http://www.northernthunder.com/lastrace.html